Monday, May 25, 2009

Take Cover!

So... A fashion review blog by designers? Of course. Who sayes we can't do it too?

Some of you may know me, or maybe not. But I guarantee you will soon.

My name is Yukio Ida, and i've been around for maybe three years in SL, dabbling here and there. It wasn't until last year that I infiltrated your fashion communities. As some know, I have a hand in bringing the alternative fashion scene in Japan to our pixelated world. My inspiration and art, as I would dare call it, come from music and visual style. On top of owning a store, I also have played a role as a building teacher and consultant for several, as well as owning an in world magazine called Obscure Mode, and I also manage and run the blog for Vendor Support Month.

While Visual is mostly my direction, I am not blind to the talents and creative interest of other designers who also use this amazing platform to showcase their work. I hope to bring a large variety of things to the plate, as my interests widely vary in theme, mood, and genre.
I've gotten hundreds of IM's over the years, complimenting my look and style. I've made notecards of places where I shop, shamelessly pimped out designers and their wares when asked "what ----- is that in your --- vendor picture?"

Everyone has their own vision. It's either shared, or completely different.
You've shown me yours. Now.. I'll show you mine.

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