Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peace Love 'n Orange Juice

Egads, I almost peed myself when I got the invite to help with Matter of Taste.
While I seem to have less and less time lately to spread around, I promise I'll do my best to bring you the craziness that I wander around the grid in...when I leave the sim. (I do sometimes!)

I've been in SL for just about 3 years, and creating for almost half of that. I wear in SL what I like to wear in my every day RL; casual, random fluky stuff. I had someone in SL tell me once that I should be making what 'sells' not what I'd wear. I've found this to be so untrue.
I'm a bit silly and it shows in everythign I do. (Including my AO where I'm constantly falling down, spinning in circles and wiping 'something' off my shoes. It gets so bad sometimes Fukmi resorts to telling people I'm drunk lol)

Fashion is all around us in SL. Even if you say you don't care about it, you're still making a fashion statement. What we wear defines who we are (or who we want to be) in both worlds....
This blog will prove to you just that. It's all a matter of taste. We all wear what we like to wear.

Enough about me, let's get on to why you're really here.
I really don't remember how I found this place. I know the first thing I bought from here was a blue dress that I wore for about a week straight lol.
The seams on her items match so well I've decided it's just magic ;) Her jeans are to die for and I love her shoes.
I speak of Decoy.
I've got on one of the Flava Pop Tanks in Citrus. Also from Decoy are the jeans and the shoes.
The hair...is one of my favorites, and it comes from GrittyKitty. Noam makes seriously awesome possum hair. This one is called Penny. It reminds me of my Saturday afternoons. The bandana is scripted to change colors, so it'll match just about anything you own.
The skin & shape are from D-Skins. (Shape has been modded)
The skin is amazing...the nose and lips are so cute!
Makenzie Irling blogged about it on her killer blog: http://rummagings.wordpress.com/

See that awesome messenger bag? Created by Heather @ Fukmi Clothing. It's scripted with one of HeZkeZl Slade's made of awesome scripts (go check out everything he makes!)
You can change the clips, the pocket and the straps. It comes in 6 fancy textures that are almost as crazy as me =D

Stapes such as shape, skin & hair are listed below with SLURLS to all the places listed here.

Skin: [D-Skin] Skin60_f1_E0_L1
Shape: [D-Skin] Shape of D-Skin60
Hair: Gritty Kitty Penny in Black
Lashes: Crissy Designs
Tank Top: [Decoy] Flava Pop Tank - Citrus2
Jeans: [Decoy] Inferno 88 Dark Denim Flared
Shoes: [Decoy] Francisco Wedge Orange
Messenger Bag: Fukmi Clothing Messenger in Citrus

Now....what are you waiting for? ?Go forth and buy things my fellow shopping addicts!
<3 Ya! -LawraLoo

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