Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tacky Star and Rising Pheonix

Soo... Today the wonderful Aura Falta of Tacky Star released some new stuffs... and after telling me my money was no good to her, she sent me over her amazing new Lolligagger skins and I felt obligated to blog them. :D They're awesome, as always. AND then Jacq took me to Rising Pheonix to check out the retirement sale on some of their gowns (for only 50L!!) which i knew would look great paired with Aura's funky skins!

Tacky Star Lolligagger Skins: (Left to Right)
Purple Mask, Red Mask, Scarred Mask, Spiral Mask, Teal Mask, & Winged Mask

Rising Pheonix Gowns: (Left to Right)
Red Winds, Tainted, & Goddess in blue.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Newness from Naive

It's kind of funny how you make really nice discoveries in Second Life™ sometimes. Naive is a store full of very cool clothing, which is enticingly affordable, too. I put together a couple of summer looks from the latest releases...

I love the vibrant colours of both the Laleeta skirt and the Luna top used in each outfit. And, of course, I had to have the Fat Pack of Luna tops with the beautiful hibiscus flowers on them!! ;-)

I jazzed them up with a bit of my own jewelry and Voila! hot summer day/night looks are all sorted! I'll definitely be back for frequent Naive fixes. :-)

I am wearing:

Clothing: Naive - Laleeta skirts in Blue and Purple, as well as Luna tops in Blue and Pink

Skin: Rockberry - Uma D Natural

Hair: Analog Dog Hair - Winter Brunette

Shoes: Lo Lo - Attitude Onyx Sandals (with the blue) and Adam n Eve - Samara Black (with the purple)

Jewelry: Puarangi Designs - Lily Boho Necklace and Earring set, as well as Blue and Purple bangle sets (not yet released)