Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No no no no no

First off...let me say I loveeeee Nylon Pinkney.
She makes the silliest funnest things, and I love wearing her stuff.
She is the owner of 'NO' and makes some fantastic stuff.

Really quick post today, but it's all about quality, not quantity, right?

The top I'm wearing is a single, jacket layer.
It has the white sweater, the blue print tee, and the button up shit underneath. All in one freakin layer.
Yeah, it rocks.
The jeans you catch a glimpse of are from League, which also rock my socks.
The skin is from LAQ, and the shape is from D-Skin, but is modded.
The hair is from GrittyKitty. SURLS belows.
<3 LawraLoo
Shirt - NO
Pants - League
Skin - LAQ
Shape - D-Skin
Hair - GrittyKitty

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Savoir Faire/Tacky Star

Like many of you, I started the Through the Looking Glass Hunt. Upon searching endlessly for wayy too small mirrors, I stumbled upon the lovely and talented Hybrid Ansar. She was also hunting, and as she never seems to sleep, she was farther than I was and was helping in the group IM with hints. And... shes pretty much made of awesome! Hybrid owns a great shape shop called Savoir Faire, and has proven to be a worthy shopping buddy. While shopping, I also met Hyb's friend Aura Falta who owns a cute little store, Tacky Star, with some really awesome eyes and some shapes. Being as both of these awesome chicks threatened to beat me if i PAID for anything, I've gotten freebies from them both, and decided to shamelessly plug my new great friends' creations :D

2 cute shapes from Savoir Faire!

Shape: (left images) Jillian
(right images) Isabelle
Skin: [42] Flux 01
Eyes: Tacky Star in Aternia Sapphire
Hair: ::69:: Still in darkbrown
Lingerie: *Fishy Strawberry* Laundry Day Dark (freebie!)

Eyes from Tacky Star! (my pictures do not do these any justice at all! They really are a must see!!)

Eyes from left to right:
Aternia Sapphire
Smouldering Victory

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A quickie

I looked at myself and decided I was too damn adorable not to take a pic. And if I'm taking a pic, I might as well blog it, right?

The basis of my look is Snatch City store items:
Skirt: Chica from Snatch.
Top: Fukmi Blossoming Halter -pink
Skin: [42] Skin In Bloom_01 neutral
Boots: A-BOMB Christin boots - pink (yes, shameless self promotion)

Non-Snatch City shop items:
Hair: 0 Style - Chiaki (black)
Piercings: Lovecats - see my first post for info.
Tats: Garden of Kai - again, see my first post.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where's the robot?

Hello all, this is Ari. I'm not really sure how I ended up here, rubbing elbows with all these designer types and other such people, but might as well enjoy the ride! I run a little place called Silver Wheel, where I sell accessories mostly, but enough about that. let's get down to business.

Maybe it's because I haven't checked them in a while but I don't exactly recall seeing much gear on the fashion feeds oriented towards those of us who think silicon isn't just for fake boobs.
I don't know about you, but I just love to "droid it out" or however you like to call it when you dress up as a robot. And there's a lot of ways to do it too, you don't have to be a prim heavy monstrosity to pull off a nice cyber-look. Allow me to demonstrate.

There you have it, a rockin' robot look and not at all prim heavy. Granted, I haven't exactly checked my ARC but I don't think it will be that bad.
All I did was just combine parts with standard clothes out of my inventory. Stuff that could also be worn "straight" so to speak and with a normal skin/eye set/hair. Let's break it down piece by piece.

First of all we have this spectacular helmet from Paradox which comes in two versions, full face and respirator. Both come with a cool particle breathing effect and animated textures on the colored parts.
The hair and choker (which you can't really see here) are both from Forsaken.
The eyes are House Of Ruin's Android eyes in Cornflower. I can't recommend this place enough, they got all sorts of eyes, prim and system, and they all kick ass!

One of my favorite things to add when going robot is a jetpack of some sort. The one you see right here is from this lovely little place called Wewiya. Whenever you take to the skies, glowy neon wings flow from those triangle shaped exhausts. Best part of all? It was free.

Another staple of my cyber looks, big glowy robot hands! I got these at Tigerclaw, which I found during the Bunny Hop (which I didn't really do, I must have visited 30 shops at most. this was one of them). Tigerclaw is just ripe with all sorts of cyber goodies, some are free like these hands, some are not, like the last piece of this ensemble.

If you did the Bunny Hop hunt, chances are you probably have the khaki/green version of these boots/legs thingies. After that hunt ended, I started checking Tigerclaw on and off, hoping more colors would be released. Lo and behold, black/blue ones! and there's also a black/red set at the very modest price of 200L.

This is all very nice and good but all this would just be prims on a naked av if it wasn't for the clothes I wore with them. Like I said, even simple clothes will work. I used Fukmi's Varsity Jacket (in blue, of course) and Deviance's Leather Pants (in black), basically a perfectly normal outfit.
Speaking of skin, the one I'm wearing is Alpha Tribe's Blue Vector. Alpha Tribe is home to the best Eloh mods I've seen yet, as well as some really really unique avs.

Man, am I wordy or what? Your prize for reading this far is the shopping list!

Black Mask Special (includes both versions, colorchange) from Paradox
Cyberlox (includes male & female versions, colorchange) from Forsaken
Neon Cog Collar (colorchange) from Forsaken
Android Eyes in Cornflower from House Of Ruin
Sci Fi Wing Backpack (colorchange) from Wewiya (you may have to walk around for it a little)
TC Cyber Hands from Tigerclaw
TC Boots Black-Blue from Tigerclaw
Blue Varsity Jacket from Fukmi Clothing
Black Leather Pants from Deviance
Blue Vector Skin from Alpha Tribe

Double Feature-Out of Time

***Warning---> Helena Stringer posts tend to be very snap happy, you'll just have to deal with her love of 5bagillion angles!***

Out of time, out of place.

She sniffs the air.

Prepares for attack.

Checks to the left.

She is safe for now. Time to find a way back home. She knows she is being hunted.


I tend to do my outfits around colours and themes. I never really know how things will work, it'll be a 10 minute flurry, then BAM!

This feature I decided to take one outfit, from a store I love called Deviance, and make 2 totally different looks with it. Featured here is the Fantasy Warrior outfit.

Fantasy Warrior-Part 1-Tempral Space Demoness

I'm a demon most days. Unless I'm designing, then horns just get in the way of the hair. I find recently it's getting harder to find unique horns. there are many great horns out there, but people seem to all gravitate towards the same thing, and I'm so not a Sheep. My tail, horns and eyes are all from a place called Black Heart. This store is one of those places you get so excited when you find. It's already semi established, so there is enough product to shift thru, but not really know, so you find what seems to be your own very special gem. The quality of the products are A++. I would say that most of the products are Cyber/Techy in theme. You can't beat the tail either, there are very few places I've seen anything made for scorpions.

Often times you want to properly showcase certain items, like these horns I'm wearing, so with the hair I decided against a full head of hair(which would have been very un-Helena like anyways). Allegory is a sculpted mohawk style which badass enough, without poking any ones eyes out(though you still can, if you really wanted to). Named after Allegory Malaprop, this hawk is definantly mean in green, but here I used Nickle Tipped. You can get this mohawk at the new home of The Stringer Mausoleum on Aurora Isle.*Hint--->This style will be on sale soon, as a pre-Hairfair 2009 dealie*

I matched all this stuff with a skin from Reaktor Omega. I got a tip about this place from one of my store models and the place didn't disappoint. The skins are creatively crafted and at affordable pricing, for the quality you get. The black and blue version of the snake skin was perfect for me, it got snagged right up!

Sometimes you buy something, don't have a clue what you'll ever use it for, but it's just something you must have. My inventory is filled with those. One of my most recent of these is this jewelry set from Tekeli-li. Buying the sets from this place is worth it, you often get a headpiece, necklace, bracelets, earrings and buttplug. Okay not the buttplug, but you get the idea. They are also very VERY customizable. You can change the colour of gems, colour of metals, swirliness, glowiness, buttplug action. Okay sorry you latex lovers, no buttplug action! I'm being a meanie! You'll find many quality items at this shop, such as outfits and weapons, and they all have the same customizing features, so you can make it all matchy matchy.

The shoes are a basic heel from Maitreya. When you have other things you want the focus on, it makes no sense to have things big ass blinging boots on. Plus i can use these heels as a boomerang.

Front and Back



Skin-Reaktor Omega-Snake Skin Black/Blue
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Allegory in Nickle Tipped
Eyes-Black Heart-Cyan Neko Eyes(with glowy contacts)
Lashes-Cybernetic-no longer available
Outfit-Deviance-Fantasy Warrior
Shoes-Maitreya-Subscriber Gift
Horns-Black Heart-Cyber Demon Horns II
Tail-Black Heart-Cyber Scorpio Tail

Fantasy Warrior-Part 2-Gate Keeper

She looks out on the plains.

She waits.

Time is all she has.

She wonders. What sort of life would she have had, if not that of a Gate Keeper?


It's nice when you find something in sl, that can be used so many different ways. I'll now show you the other vision I had when I first bought this Deviance outfit. A warrior by any other name would still be a warrior.

The rest of the pieces make for a completed look, the sword, cape and belt. Makes for very simple dress up, all you need to do after that is primp your hair and throw on some makeup.

Black. I'm not a fan of it in sl. With so many colours to be had, why would you wear black? so the few times that I do I of course play it up with colour. Here I chose a deep sea colour to finish the look.

Assassin is the hair I chose to top myself with. It's a very pose friendly hair, swishes slightly in the breeze. The colour I chose is called Deep, and you can get it in the new big ass home of The Stringer Mausoleum.

My skin is done by Fleur. This store I've been buying from since my sister introduced me to it. It was love at first try. I've been buying Fleur since that fateful day, and am now a Insider for their team. I get to think I'm all special and make itty bitty decisions and such! This is one of the few places I'll actually drop money, no questions asked. They have a diverse line of skins, catering to asian, drow, historic, goth and then the classic makeup line. There something for everyone here. People often comment on my love of Fleur, seeing as I'm a demon and all, but a true fashionista can take any one item, and transform it to their style no matter what it is. It's all about playing your cards right. Fleur skins mesh to my home made shape so lovingly that I could do noting but gush over the whole line.

Tuli crafted the eyes. I have a love/hate relationship with most eyes, even the ones I make myself. I love realistic, but also want that bloodshot look to them. All this no vein all white shit so does not make me a happy designer lady. Tuli brings it with all 4 of the sets she has out right now, bringing all points or realism into each colour.

Same classic shoe as above.

Front and Side



Skin-Fleur-Vivant Celeste in Almonde tone, makeup 2
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Assassin in Deep
Eyes-Tuli-Luminous Eyes in Blue
Lashes-La Sylpide-Natural Prim Lashes
Outfit-Deviance-Fantasy Warrior
Shoes-Maitreya-Subscriber Gift

So there we go, one awesome outfit, 2 awesome looks.

Special thanks to Tuli, she sent me these awesome eyes that are yet to be released. I so love when designers you follow do something a bit away from the norm. The eyes pictured below are defiantly that, and so "Otherworldly".

*H is off to cause so trouble!*


Mispaven asphalt
The smell of rain spreading in the air
Reminiscence blows through me
As the flowing city laps around me

Your frail silhouette
Ceases even the slightest sigh to escape
My feelings are satisfied
At a place where nothing matters
Caressed by the atmosphere...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Cure for Triskaidekaphobia

For my first review, I spent the afternoon going through my inventory, trying to find -the- perfect store to tell you about. There are so many pieces in my overflowing, badly organized, soup of an inventory that I absolutely adore, but I came across the first thing I bought after I saw the light and clambered out of the freebie mall as a wee noob. My first coveted purchase was a pair of black and white striped socks with skulls on the knee from Ginger13 Kidd of i love 13. I am never disappointed when I wander through i love 13, I can always find an eclectic mix of necklaces, tattoos, clothing and accessories ranging from creepily ethereal to cutely punkish or torn and bloody. Ginger13 makes delightfully unexpected decisions that always seem so right. If you haven’t already bought everything in her store and started sending her note cards demanding that she make more amazing things for you to buy, I urge you to get started immediately! (Okay… except hold off on the demanding note card part… I don’t think there is such a thing as a “Restraining SLorder” but you probably don’t want to be the first…)

So without further ado, I give you… i love 13, and I really do.

This first dress is called dark Princess, I love the tiered, tattered skirt. The dress comes with net socks but I just had to pair it with -the- Skull Socks that started it all.

Dress: i love 13 - dark Princess Dress (not shown, Net Socks)
Socks: i love 13 - Skull Socks
Necklace: i love 13 - love in a birdcage necklace (creepy)
Hair: AVZ - Parallel Hair (Jet Black)
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui - Elizabeth - Laced-up - (Coal/silver)
Tattoos: iNFLiCT - Tranquility

Next is Sideshow Kidd, lots of fun complete with circus tent stripes and a red clown nose. I had to show you the Monchichi yummy toy, big ups to Ginger13 for making me squeal by bringing back my favorite monkey friends. For fellow Monchichi lovers, there is also a necklace and hair bands! My only wish was that this outfit came with some trashy garters and stockings of some sort but I added some sexy, seamed stockings from X2 and they look great.Outfit: i love 13 - Sideshow Kidd Dress (not shown, collar, nose and razor blade.)
Stockings: !X2: Exotica Megastore - Stockings, Sheer Plain
Necklace: .:-CatniP-:. - Regret
Earrings: ::FLIPSIDE:: Piercing - earset2
Piercings: Justice Lorefield - Custom Design
Hair: Aitui - Sleepwalk, Black
Shoes: FUSSY - LiftMe up boots
Fun: i love 13 - "Monchichi" yummy Toy
Tattoo: iNFLiCT - Tranquility

Last but certainly not least is Paperdoll. The skirt is textured with doll faces and comes in two versions, one with and one without PRIM DOLL PARTS on it! Of course, I am wearing the one with the doll parts, you can see a dangling leg and head along the front of the hem. This outfit comes with all the layers and you can wear the doll tank over or under the transparent striped top. I am wearing my blinking, Monsta Eyes shoes from Grim Bros, my Reed hair with color change prim octopus from Deviant Kitties and my Octoneck pendant from Kunstkammer. I’m so in love with all these pieces, I am still wearing this outfit and I’m not sure when I’ll take it off.

Dress: i love 13 - Paperdoll Dress (not shown Paperdoll necklace)
Necklace: Kunstkammer Architectural and Metaphysical Salvage - Octoneck
Hair: Deviant Kitties - Reed (Onyx) with scripted prim Octopus, shown in Gold
Shoes: Grim Bros - Monsta Heels
Tattoo: iNFLiCT - Tranquility

Make sure you join the i love 13 group when you go, Ginger13 sends out awesome group gifts. Her main store is a lot of fun and surrounded by amazing other stores that I am sure I will be telling you about soon.

Much love,