Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where's the robot?

Hello all, this is Ari. I'm not really sure how I ended up here, rubbing elbows with all these designer types and other such people, but might as well enjoy the ride! I run a little place called Silver Wheel, where I sell accessories mostly, but enough about that. let's get down to business.

Maybe it's because I haven't checked them in a while but I don't exactly recall seeing much gear on the fashion feeds oriented towards those of us who think silicon isn't just for fake boobs.
I don't know about you, but I just love to "droid it out" or however you like to call it when you dress up as a robot. And there's a lot of ways to do it too, you don't have to be a prim heavy monstrosity to pull off a nice cyber-look. Allow me to demonstrate.

There you have it, a rockin' robot look and not at all prim heavy. Granted, I haven't exactly checked my ARC but I don't think it will be that bad.
All I did was just combine parts with standard clothes out of my inventory. Stuff that could also be worn "straight" so to speak and with a normal skin/eye set/hair. Let's break it down piece by piece.

First of all we have this spectacular helmet from Paradox which comes in two versions, full face and respirator. Both come with a cool particle breathing effect and animated textures on the colored parts.
The hair and choker (which you can't really see here) are both from Forsaken.
The eyes are House Of Ruin's Android eyes in Cornflower. I can't recommend this place enough, they got all sorts of eyes, prim and system, and they all kick ass!

One of my favorite things to add when going robot is a jetpack of some sort. The one you see right here is from this lovely little place called Wewiya. Whenever you take to the skies, glowy neon wings flow from those triangle shaped exhausts. Best part of all? It was free.

Another staple of my cyber looks, big glowy robot hands! I got these at Tigerclaw, which I found during the Bunny Hop (which I didn't really do, I must have visited 30 shops at most. this was one of them). Tigerclaw is just ripe with all sorts of cyber goodies, some are free like these hands, some are not, like the last piece of this ensemble.

If you did the Bunny Hop hunt, chances are you probably have the khaki/green version of these boots/legs thingies. After that hunt ended, I started checking Tigerclaw on and off, hoping more colors would be released. Lo and behold, black/blue ones! and there's also a black/red set at the very modest price of 200L.

This is all very nice and good but all this would just be prims on a naked av if it wasn't for the clothes I wore with them. Like I said, even simple clothes will work. I used Fukmi's Varsity Jacket (in blue, of course) and Deviance's Leather Pants (in black), basically a perfectly normal outfit.
Speaking of skin, the one I'm wearing is Alpha Tribe's Blue Vector. Alpha Tribe is home to the best Eloh mods I've seen yet, as well as some really really unique avs.

Man, am I wordy or what? Your prize for reading this far is the shopping list!

Black Mask Special (includes both versions, colorchange) from Paradox
Cyberlox (includes male & female versions, colorchange) from Forsaken
Neon Cog Collar (colorchange) from Forsaken
Android Eyes in Cornflower from House Of Ruin
Sci Fi Wing Backpack (colorchange) from Wewiya (you may have to walk around for it a little)
TC Cyber Hands from Tigerclaw
TC Boots Black-Blue from Tigerclaw
Blue Varsity Jacket from Fukmi Clothing
Black Leather Pants from Deviance
Blue Vector Skin from Alpha Tribe

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