Thursday, June 11, 2009

Savoir Faire/Tacky Star

Like many of you, I started the Through the Looking Glass Hunt. Upon searching endlessly for wayy too small mirrors, I stumbled upon the lovely and talented Hybrid Ansar. She was also hunting, and as she never seems to sleep, she was farther than I was and was helping in the group IM with hints. And... shes pretty much made of awesome! Hybrid owns a great shape shop called Savoir Faire, and has proven to be a worthy shopping buddy. While shopping, I also met Hyb's friend Aura Falta who owns a cute little store, Tacky Star, with some really awesome eyes and some shapes. Being as both of these awesome chicks threatened to beat me if i PAID for anything, I've gotten freebies from them both, and decided to shamelessly plug my new great friends' creations :D

2 cute shapes from Savoir Faire!

Shape: (left images) Jillian
(right images) Isabelle
Skin: [42] Flux 01
Eyes: Tacky Star in Aternia Sapphire
Hair: ::69:: Still in darkbrown
Lingerie: *Fishy Strawberry* Laundry Day Dark (freebie!)

Eyes from Tacky Star! (my pictures do not do these any justice at all! They really are a must see!!)

Eyes from left to right:
Aternia Sapphire
Smouldering Victory

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