Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mix 'n Match Goodness

One of the best things about owning a that I get to see some awesome creativity from some great designers on the grid. It's dangerous on my linden balance so I have to have Lan tie me down in the house, but sometimes, while he's away....I go wander The Flounder and shop...shhhh dun tell him. =p

One of the newer designers at The Flounder hit the spot today as I was embracing my inner hippy. Manis Lane, of Mix 'n Match has lots n lots of awesome outfits, fat packs, and anything else under the sun you can think of, including skins and shapes. She's even got a little freebie box up in her shop called 'Various Avatar Needs' with skin, shapes and eyes and an outfit. These are the kind of freebies I like to see given out. I remember being new and the freebies back then...whew, not like they are now. Anyways, on to my inner hippy outfit. Enjoy *blows kisses*

Skin: D-Skin
Shape: D-Skin (Modded)
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Penny
Shirt: Mix 'n Match - RIP Rock Collection
Pants: Mix 'n Match - RIP Rock Collection
Jewelry & Belt: Frop!

Now, go forth and shop!
❤ LawraLoo

Saturday, May 30, 2009

and then there was Malt...

My lindens really took a hit with the Zaara sale, but how do you pass up good stuff at great prices?! Ahh! Just when I think I can begin to recover, I get a group notice today from Malt... Spring Cleaning Sale!! (May 30 - June 7) All the store is marked down, most items to 100L. Sooo... I scooped up a Kenzie AND a Lawra this time and we got to it... :)

wooo pretty ladies! (left to right: kenzie, hc, lawra)

on Kenzie:
Shine Lustrous Aruba
[42] skin heavens_02 tan (shaved)
.:.Foam!.:. -The Melody l - Browns
.:MALT:. Fashions - AUTUMN Tunic - Danube
Bottoms: .:MALT:. Fashions - Capri Lace Tights - Coffee
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Brown Slip-on Clogs
Necklace: Shine Enchanted necklace *teal* for DSN
Earrings: U&R Dogs :+*R*+: Traumerei Pierced Earrings
on HC:
Body Doubles Lady Gaga Shape (modded)
Skin: ::Tuli:: *sUmi* /beauty/sunkissed
Eyes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes Rhinanna - Multicolor
Lashes: [the oBscene] JEZEBETH
Hair: >Truth< Jess - Walnut (Freebie!)
Shirt: .:MALT:. Fashions - Diamonique Top - Silver Sand
Pants: Zaara : Ishaya Velour Slacks *acid*
Shoes: [Detour] Glamour Metallic Pumps - Black
Necklace: *ARGRACE* Eternity

on Lawra:
ETD - Lara
MALT - CALLIE Coat(Calico)
MALT - Tweed Capris(Brown
Truth - Mina Flats(Chocolate)

Pretty Dresses! (right to left: HC, Lawra, Kenzie)

on HC:

Shape: Body Doubles Lady Gaga Shape (modded)
Skin: ::Tuli:: *sUmi* /beauty/sunkissed
Eyes: *REDGRAVE* Eyes Rhinanna - Multicolor
Lashes: [the oBscene] JEZEBETH
Hair: .:.Foam!.:. - Floe l - Brown A
Dress: .:MALT:. Fashions AUTUMN Tunic - Raw Sienna
Shoes: Pixel Mode Chabi Wedges - Dian

on Lawra:
Hair: LeLutka - Sasha
Tattoo: GoK - Wired
Shoes: Shiny Things - Fringe Sandal(Black/Opal)
on Kenzie:
SKIN: :: Genesis :: Candace Apricot "Bare"
*Dilly Dolls* I Love Bunnies Bangles
TATS: ** KANIVAL TATTOO ** - 83. Moon Night
.:.Foam!.:. - The Kimora - Black
OUTFIT: .:MALT:. Fashions - BERMUDA - Beauty Berry Crush
SHOES: ::Duh!:: Croc Sandals Purple/Silver

Don't Mess with us! (right to left: Kenzie, HC, Lawra)
(sooo we got a little silly here, but it was a total blast!!)

on Kenzie:
[42] skin big bang_01 tan
Sn@tch Cutter Razorblade Earrings:::
Sn@tch Punkables Gloves:::
[SRU] Choked Heart Choker [PINK] - [HQ]
Magika Hair - Rebel
.:MALT:. Fashions - ROXY Outfit - Hollywood Cerise
::Duh!:: Pink with Black Bow Pump
Shine Lustrous Aruba

on HC:
Body Doubles Lady Gaga Shape (modded)
::Tuli:: *sUmi* /beauty/sunkissed
*REDGRAVE* Eyes Rhinanna - Multicolor
[the oBscene] JEZEBETH
*ETD Chel - Espresso w/ Canimal Skellyflys
.:MALT:. Fashions - KNIT CARDI - Black
.:MALT:. Fashions - CARGO SHORTS - Aubergine
PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
/rockerswear/ Meadow's Guns
The Omega Conern Dual.Single SIG P229s

on Lawra:
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Creative
GoK - Sacred
Celestial Studios - Trixie(Nightfall)
MALT- Brown Denim Shorts
Truth - xTraniers (Sweat)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Zaara Fever

A sale going on?! Oh you better believe we had to go check it out. Thanks to the wickedly addicting Plurk, HC found out that Zaara was having a 50% off sale! If you don't know what plurk is you must go sign's tons of fun and a great networking resource (Kenzie's Plurk Heather's Plurk)

So HC and I decided to stop being prim monkeys for a night and go shopping. We hit the jackpot and just had to show you the treasures we found.

One thing to note is that the dresses and complete outfits at Zaara can be broken up and matched with other things...which we both thought was sweet.

Now for the good stuff:

Pose: Glitterati - Hip bump Background: *StAr PoSeS* City

Kenzie's outfit (on the left in the picture)
Skin: :: Genesis :: Candace Apricot "Bare"
:: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Hazel)
.:.Foam!.:. - Floe ll - Browns
*LC* Nympho
* Pretties by JB * Marms Celestial - Silver
Stiletto Moody Bare Audrey (Black Patent)
Zaara : Maitri *black*
**LikeA** BLUE DP "PUPU"
Garden of Ku - Tattoo Night kandahar 2.0n_GoK
*REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -11- Showgirl

Heather's Outfit (on the right in the picture)

Skin: Tuli Hope in Sunkissed (Group Gift)
Shape: Bodily Charm Carley Shape (free)
Hair: Exile Rosalie in Chocolate (color change sunglasses included!)
Eyes: Redgrave Blue Water
Lashes: Sooo...oBscene in Jezebeth
Shirt: Zaara : Kavi Top*orange
Jeans: Zaara : Jeans {classic}*moss*
Shoes: SLink Glamour Platforms in Black
Necklace/Bracelets: Fishy Strawberry WoodBangles (Freebie!)

Pose: [LAP] Fierce Group Pose Set Background: *StAr PoSeS* City

Heather's outfit (on the left in the picture)

Skin: ::Dutch Touch:: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - SUNKISSED (Hunt Gift)
Shape: Bodily Charm Carley Shape (free)
Hair: * ETD Trinitee in Espresso
Eyes: Redgrave Blue Water
Jacket: Zaara : Inka Jacket *egglplant*
Tank: (PixelDolls) Demi Cami (tintable)
Jeans: Zaara : Ishaya Velour slackes *acid*
Shoes: SLink Glamour Platforms in Black

Kenzie's Outfit (on the right in the picture)

Skin: .::Tyranny Designs::. Shockwave- Tone 5
Eyes: :: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Hazel)
Hair: Magika Hair - B&W Pack - Word
Necklace: *LC* Uastis Light- Baloo
Bracelets: * Pretties by JB * Marms Celestial - Silver and Moxie - Hues of Green Bangles
Shirt: Zaara : Tie n Dye halter top *turquoise*
Pants: Zaara : Jeans {classic} *indigo*

Pose: Glitterati - The perfect excuse to buy a poofy dress Background: *StAr PoSeS* City

Kenzie's outfit (on the left in the picture)

Skin: [42] skin flux_04
:: Genesis :: Au Naturel Eyes (Hazel)
Magika Hair - Sneaky
* Pretties by JB * Moxie - Hues of Green Bangles
Zaara : Anjuna *blue*
:.UD.: Buckles Flip Flop

Heather's outfit (on the right in the picture)

Skin: Doux Petit Tone 3 in Citrus Candy Kiss
>Truth< Aradia in epresso
Zaara : Calangute *sunshine*
A-BOMB Daryian stilettos - Dark Pink
*+*JILL*+* Bracelets (Freebie)

Phew...okay that's all from us for now. Hope you liked the treasures as much as we do.

Lurve and Laughs,

Kenz and HC

Be gentle… it’s my First Time…

Hey everyone! I’m so honored and excited to have been invited to join the Matter of Taste team. Every day I have been watching the list of contributing designers grow and while I was gawking I realized… duh… I need to introduce myself!

My name is Azriel Ballyhoo but you can call me Azzy. I have been in SL for a year and a half and try as I might, I still haven’t seen it all. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and talent of content creators and I love that we have this environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to make and fly whatever freak flag they choose. SL embraces the spirit of my outlook on life, "Why the #!*$ not?!” Viva la weirdoes!

So a little more about me, I am half of the design team for Rara Avis. Our store has been open for almost a year now and I can hardly believe it. My design partner is none other than the adorable and talented Nineveh Teskat. I can’t miss the opportunity to share this Hallmark moment with you, Nineveh and I have been friends for over twenty years, we met in elementary school! We grew up terrorizing our mothers with our “art projects” so flash forward two decades and here we are still creating together and feeding each others crazy.

What can you expect to see from me? Hard to say, I usually surprise the hell out of myself. Last night I was a zombie, flying an umbrella on a large rotating pancake with a sexy neko and a little purple cat… pretty typical, actually… send me a NC if you want pics. ;) As for my style choices, I have eclectic tastes which you can see from my own designs. Nothing would seem more pointless to me than a hundred designers all making slight variations of the same outfit. Even though I make my own pieces and mooch copies of all of Nineveh’s work, I can’t stop shopping. I love finding unique pieces; things that make me say “I wish I had thought of that!” I have no idea where we are going my friends, but I promise I won’t steer you wrong.

That’s it, enough talking! I have shopping and designing and writing to do!

Much love,


Hi! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Heather Connolly - or hc to most - and I am Fukmi Sideways' partner in crime. While she spends her time in photoshop, I spend mine working with lots prims, and even more with SL issues. :) I've been in SL for about 2.5 years, and honestly never thought I'd still be here when i first DL'd. But I have lots of fun! From dancer, to club owner, to designer... I've done my fair share in this world. I love to keep busy and make new stuff. When I'm not busy, I'm shopping. It's an addiction and my inventory is generally out of control. I've tried 12-step programs, but they haven't done much. I design to keep me out of other stores, and keep my wallet full enough for the times I get distracted. ;) I'm totally excited to be a part of this! Stay tuned for more... :D


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh...hai thur

Hi gorgeous! For those of you that don’t know me my name is Kenzie Corleone and I’ve been in SL for about 3 years now. I have seen some thaaaaangs let me tell you. I have truly experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in SL and yanno what….I still love it!
Just like so many in SL I started playing because a friend of mine drug me in here kickin and screaming because she said it was amaaaazing and I just haaad to try it out. Basically after that one night I never logged off :P I have been fortunate enough to meet the most outstanding people here, one of which is my husband :D We met here in SL and now we are very happily married RL <3>
I am the owner and designer behind :.UD.: (Urban Dysfunction) and RenderLife as well as the director and creator of The Keys to the VIP Hunt. I have dabbled in just about everything in SL from clubs to estate management and everything in between. I’m a create-a-holic and I usually have my hands in several different projects at once which I love.
The idea behind this blog is genius in my opinion and I’m so excited to be a part of this. Fashion in SL is ever changing and I hope to bring you some creative and fun reviews. Just a warning…my style is all over the place so you might be in for a crazy ride with me.
Lurve and Laughs

Peace Love 'n Orange Juice

Egads, I almost peed myself when I got the invite to help with Matter of Taste.
While I seem to have less and less time lately to spread around, I promise I'll do my best to bring you the craziness that I wander around the grid in...when I leave the sim. (I do sometimes!)

I've been in SL for just about 3 years, and creating for almost half of that. I wear in SL what I like to wear in my every day RL; casual, random fluky stuff. I had someone in SL tell me once that I should be making what 'sells' not what I'd wear. I've found this to be so untrue.
I'm a bit silly and it shows in everythign I do. (Including my AO where I'm constantly falling down, spinning in circles and wiping 'something' off my shoes. It gets so bad sometimes Fukmi resorts to telling people I'm drunk lol)

Fashion is all around us in SL. Even if you say you don't care about it, you're still making a fashion statement. What we wear defines who we are (or who we want to be) in both worlds....
This blog will prove to you just that. It's all a matter of taste. We all wear what we like to wear.

Enough about me, let's get on to why you're really here.
I really don't remember how I found this place. I know the first thing I bought from here was a blue dress that I wore for about a week straight lol.
The seams on her items match so well I've decided it's just magic ;) Her jeans are to die for and I love her shoes.
I speak of Decoy.
I've got on one of the Flava Pop Tanks in Citrus. Also from Decoy are the jeans and the shoes.
The one of my favorites, and it comes from GrittyKitty. Noam makes seriously awesome possum hair. This one is called Penny. It reminds me of my Saturday afternoons. The bandana is scripted to change colors, so it'll match just about anything you own.
The skin & shape are from D-Skins. (Shape has been modded)
The skin is amazing...the nose and lips are so cute!
Makenzie Irling blogged about it on her killer blog:

See that awesome messenger bag? Created by Heather @ Fukmi Clothing. It's scripted with one of HeZkeZl Slade's made of awesome scripts (go check out everything he makes!)
You can change the clips, the pocket and the straps. It comes in 6 fancy textures that are almost as crazy as me =D

Stapes such as shape, skin & hair are listed below with SLURLS to all the places listed here.

Skin: [D-Skin] Skin60_f1_E0_L1
Shape: [D-Skin] Shape of D-Skin60
Hair: Gritty Kitty Penny in Black
Lashes: Crissy Designs
Tank Top: [Decoy] Flava Pop Tank - Citrus2
Jeans: [Decoy] Inferno 88 Dark Denim Flared
Shoes: [Decoy] Francisco Wedge Orange
Messenger Bag: Fukmi Clothing Messenger in Citrus

Now....what are you waiting for? ?Go forth and buy things my fellow shopping addicts!
<3 Ya! -LawraLoo

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sitting on my tuffet

Well, actually it's a big piece of candy.

Howdy, I'm Lavea Alter from A-BOMB and I'm making my first official post. YAY! Coincidentally, it's about a Snatch item. Okay, not so coincidental. I've had a love affair with Snatch since I was just a wee SLer. Addi and I would drool profusely as we stared at the walls filled with fashiony goodness.

After I started my own shop, I was constantly turning to things Ivey made, wondering how she did it. It made me go out and actually *gasp* LEARN! I still look at her things and pull out my hair trying to figure out techniques. (Then I remember that I can just ask her, but usually not until I've lost several clumps of hair.)

Most of the time, I am wearing versions of whatever it is I happen to be working on that given moment. However, when I actually leave my workshop and don't want to look like a mismatched, shoeless freak, I always turn to my Snatch items. Honestly. I have very little in my inventory that isn't from Snatch. I'll dig up some of the nonSnatch items for future posts, but this one is all about the new Miss Muffet dress.

It was instant love. It's such a perfect summery dress. I have a dress similar to it IRL for summer. And just as I have no shoes on in my pics here, I normally don't have any on IRL. Sand and soft grass are far too magical to miss by wearing shoes. Besides, the Slink prim feet are took damn cute and I don't get to wear them often enough!

Rounding out are three of my other favorite things: Chai skins, Little Heaven hair and my Lovecats piercing set (and yes, that includes all the face piercings plus earrings...all on ONE attach point). This piercing set never leaves my face. I have to warn's got a huge pink cat as a doorway and the pink continues into the store, but be brave. You can survive the pinkitude and find some great piercings. My set was only 100L.

The Chai skin I have on is the Ginger tone of Lavender. It's one of the older skins now being sold for 250L. I've tried the new skins and they just don't look right on me, but I'm finding that to be the case with alot of the newer skin shadings. But that's fine, I love my Chai skins and [42] skins. (Sorry I can't offer a SLURL to Chai, but TPs won't let me in. It's in Port Seraphine, though)

The Little Heaven hair I am wearing is Rosary Black. They have tons of really great styles and their shop is an amazing spooking build.


I decided to do my first fashion post with a theme of perfection. There are several that come to me to show me their new designs, to get opinions, praise, critiques, whatever. And I do it willingly and humbly with encouragement at the forefront cause I don't believe that tearing someone down will EVER make them better. I am certainly not the creator to give advice on perfect designs. My own are far from it. I don't piddle at seams forever, I dont examine every square pixel for flaws. I believe that something can be exquisitely esthetically beautiful or cool in spite of imperfection and often because of it.

Today I'm spotlighting a creator who I think is often overlooked and yet consistantly worn by bloggers. I don't think I've seen a feature done on this amazing tattoo artist in a very long time so this is my hat (and the rest of my clothes) off to Danel Kurosawa of Garden of Ku Tattoos. I met Danel setting up a store almost two years ago and I already had all three of his first tatts. While we set up, we talked and he sent me another one. Since that day I have been his biggest fan and a constant supporter of his work and besides being awesome at what he does, he's an exceptionally nice person and truly humble. GoK tatts in my opinion are simply the absolute best and most diverse collection you can find in SL. From religeous themed to tribal to sci-fi, his gallery is as special and impressive a body of work as I have ever seen. Tattoos on every layer in variations of wear and some with shadows and multiple versions for pale and darker skin. The prices will often make you wide eyed with shock. Most full body tattoos are under $350 L!

Some may nit & pick and say the seams arent perfect...but I dare them to try and get closer themselves on that roll over the shoulder, or the space under the arm or between the legs where they give us 8 pixels to work with. When I wear a GoK tatt, which is almost all the time...I feel like a walking work of art and it doesnt HAVE to be perfection. I know from the hundreds of IMs I've gotten asking where they came from and the thanks from new GoK junkies how "perfect" they are.

Also featured in these pics are my friend Tyr Roszenblum's new skin line from Tyranny. Well known in the Gorean Community for her very cool clothing and accessories, she's now breaking into the skin trade and mainstream SL fashion with a huge selection of make ups for a start up and a really beautifully soft base that she agonizes over every day. Talk about wanting perfection, Tyr is obsessed. So expect to see a LOT from this fabulous new skin maker and be wowed by soft lush lips, dramatic eyes and lucious bodies in the future.

All these pics were taken at the incredible S.I.C. Sims. A Japanese futuristic fantasyland with neat stuff wherever you look. Go Explore it!
Photo Details and SLurls:
1.Fairy & Dust
Skin: ::
Tyranny Designs::Slaughter House- Tone 2 Hair: [Gauze] Destroy-Wine Red
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Nomine Lament - eyes
Tattoo: Garden of Ku-Mahuika
Tentacles: [Gauze] Uke's Bane
Pose: Mamesando-Hover-Patapata

.::Tyranny Designs:: Popstar- Tone 2
Hair: Pretty Vermin Livonia (Carbontippedpurple)
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Nomine Lament - eyes
Tattoo: Garden of Ku-Aphrodisia in Luxor
Pose: **KoumB** - Lenghten - 10

.::Tyranny Designs:: Hey Red - Tone 2
Hair: Detour Flutter - Blonde Mix
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Nomine Lament - eyes
Tattoo: Sacred-Garden of Ku
Pose: Lovemotif- Anim-LookMyBack

Take Cover!

So... A fashion review blog by designers? Of course. Who sayes we can't do it too?

Some of you may know me, or maybe not. But I guarantee you will soon.

My name is Yukio Ida, and i've been around for maybe three years in SL, dabbling here and there. It wasn't until last year that I infiltrated your fashion communities. As some know, I have a hand in bringing the alternative fashion scene in Japan to our pixelated world. My inspiration and art, as I would dare call it, come from music and visual style. On top of owning a store, I also have played a role as a building teacher and consultant for several, as well as owning an in world magazine called Obscure Mode, and I also manage and run the blog for Vendor Support Month.

While Visual is mostly my direction, I am not blind to the talents and creative interest of other designers who also use this amazing platform to showcase their work. I hope to bring a large variety of things to the plate, as my interests widely vary in theme, mood, and genre.
I've gotten hundreds of IM's over the years, complimenting my look and style. I've made notecards of places where I shop, shamelessly pimped out designers and their wares when asked "what ----- is that in your --- vendor picture?"

Everyone has their own vision. It's either shared, or completely different.
You've shown me yours. Now.. I'll show you mine.

Here We Go

Hi those of you know know me and the ones who have yet to, this is Ivey and I've been in SL for almost three years now and I'm still so enthusiastic about the medium we work in and play in and I see it's awesome potential even through tough issues and having to scale the occasional hurdle. So that being said, I'm fascinated by the relationships and complex dichotomies that make up the Second Life Fashion Community. I've seen the good, the bad, the irresponsible, ugly and the inspiring within one day of reading the fashion feeds. Plurk has even expanded on these, magnified them and rubbed them in.

My opinion on fashion is, like art, food or music that it's not what's good or what's in, it's what you LIKE. I don't think anyone has the right to dictate to me what is right for me to like and in turn I would never expect anyone to follow my trail and clone themselves after my personal taste. "Fashion" by it's own definition is fleeting, but style is all your own. We hope with this blog to cooperate, cross promote, network, show off, praise and encourage OUR favorite stuff, places and people. After all we're not just designers and creators, we are shoppers!

We don't think that promoting each other is a bad thing! It spreads good will, pumps the economy and gives a venue to those who are often overlooked by the "fashionista bloggers". I hope to show all the things I love and feature some designers that deserve the exposure and praise even if they're forgotten in the sometimes bloodthirsty pit that is the SL fashion scene.

So...welcome to those that have signed up for this very different project. I'm so proud to know such an awesome and diverse and talented group of people. Also big thanks to the man I love in SL and RL, Roblem Hogarth for this fantastic idea. All we ask is you show what you adore, help promote each other, be FLAWLESS and never berate or fault others for their likes because after all...It is a Matter of Taste.

Friday, May 22, 2009

It be . . .

Helena Stringer!

Hey Darlings. I jumped on the chance to get in on this blog. IVEY WANTED ME? OR ROBLEM? OR BOTH?


I'm a designer here in SL. My store is The Stringer Mausoleum(and Shrine). Ya I know it's a moniker. I am mostly a hair designer, tho I make anything I have a need for really. My store is a selfish one. I mostly make stuff for myself, and am just happy that others enjoy my craziness I pump out. I'm known for my mohawks, tho my dreaded styles are starting to come in close second. Other things I make? Eyelashes, Eyes, Skins, Horns, Demon parts, Wings, Hats, Piercings and a few other oddball products.

I'm excited where this blog will take me in the blog writing sense. My plans are to do some actual reviews, some travel, all while keeping it Stringerized. I'm also going to try and show you how something you might never wear, or think doesn't go with your style, can be used and spiced up. I might even take this further, and let you summit items for me to go buy and Stringerize. I've got a few other plans up my sleeves you all too! My much anticipated and perfectly timed feature of the week will be FrankenSn@tch. Basically I have always liked to mash up my Sn@tch outfits. People would always be "Where can I get that?" And I'd go "Oh Sn@tch". 30 minutes later I'd get the IM, "I couldn't find it!". That's when I'd pull out, it was FrankenSn@tched! People have been wanting me to blog them, due to the crazy recipes I use to make them. So on with the fun!

So here I am, to stay, and clutter your fashion feeds with my crazy take on fashion in sl. Maybe, maybe you'll just happen to learn some sort of something!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello World!

Hi everyone and welcome to Matter of Taste. My name is Roblem Hogarth and I create content in Second Life under the !ReToX! brand. My partner Ivey and I have wanted to do a Fashion and Design review blog for quite a while but knew we didn’t have the spare time to keep up with one on our own. Now with the help of some of the most creative content designers in SL we think we have a concept that will surprise you.  I can’t wait to see what the other designers I have been talking to have in store for you!