Friday, May 22, 2009

It be . . .

Helena Stringer!

Hey Darlings. I jumped on the chance to get in on this blog. IVEY WANTED ME? OR ROBLEM? OR BOTH?


I'm a designer here in SL. My store is The Stringer Mausoleum(and Shrine). Ya I know it's a moniker. I am mostly a hair designer, tho I make anything I have a need for really. My store is a selfish one. I mostly make stuff for myself, and am just happy that others enjoy my craziness I pump out. I'm known for my mohawks, tho my dreaded styles are starting to come in close second. Other things I make? Eyelashes, Eyes, Skins, Horns, Demon parts, Wings, Hats, Piercings and a few other oddball products.

I'm excited where this blog will take me in the blog writing sense. My plans are to do some actual reviews, some travel, all while keeping it Stringerized. I'm also going to try and show you how something you might never wear, or think doesn't go with your style, can be used and spiced up. I might even take this further, and let you summit items for me to go buy and Stringerize. I've got a few other plans up my sleeves you all too! My much anticipated and perfectly timed feature of the week will be FrankenSn@tch. Basically I have always liked to mash up my Sn@tch outfits. People would always be "Where can I get that?" And I'd go "Oh Sn@tch". 30 minutes later I'd get the IM, "I couldn't find it!". That's when I'd pull out, it was FrankenSn@tched! People have been wanting me to blog them, due to the crazy recipes I use to make them. So on with the fun!

So here I am, to stay, and clutter your fashion feeds with my crazy take on fashion in sl. Maybe, maybe you'll just happen to learn some sort of something!



  1. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing all that becomes Stringerized! =D

  2. hehe ya me neither, I'm trying to be good and let everyone do their intros, but I just want to jump right on it!

    Maybe I'll just write some up and let them sit for a wee bit. Then I can just heap it all on yas. hehe