Monday, May 25, 2009

Sitting on my tuffet

Well, actually it's a big piece of candy.

Howdy, I'm Lavea Alter from A-BOMB and I'm making my first official post. YAY! Coincidentally, it's about a Snatch item. Okay, not so coincidental. I've had a love affair with Snatch since I was just a wee SLer. Addi and I would drool profusely as we stared at the walls filled with fashiony goodness.

After I started my own shop, I was constantly turning to things Ivey made, wondering how she did it. It made me go out and actually *gasp* LEARN! I still look at her things and pull out my hair trying to figure out techniques. (Then I remember that I can just ask her, but usually not until I've lost several clumps of hair.)

Most of the time, I am wearing versions of whatever it is I happen to be working on that given moment. However, when I actually leave my workshop and don't want to look like a mismatched, shoeless freak, I always turn to my Snatch items. Honestly. I have very little in my inventory that isn't from Snatch. I'll dig up some of the nonSnatch items for future posts, but this one is all about the new Miss Muffet dress.

It was instant love. It's such a perfect summery dress. I have a dress similar to it IRL for summer. And just as I have no shoes on in my pics here, I normally don't have any on IRL. Sand and soft grass are far too magical to miss by wearing shoes. Besides, the Slink prim feet are took damn cute and I don't get to wear them often enough!

Rounding out are three of my other favorite things: Chai skins, Little Heaven hair and my Lovecats piercing set (and yes, that includes all the face piercings plus earrings...all on ONE attach point). This piercing set never leaves my face. I have to warn's got a huge pink cat as a doorway and the pink continues into the store, but be brave. You can survive the pinkitude and find some great piercings. My set was only 100L.

The Chai skin I have on is the Ginger tone of Lavender. It's one of the older skins now being sold for 250L. I've tried the new skins and they just don't look right on me, but I'm finding that to be the case with alot of the newer skin shadings. But that's fine, I love my Chai skins and [42] skins. (Sorry I can't offer a SLURL to Chai, but TPs won't let me in. It's in Port Seraphine, though)

The Little Heaven hair I am wearing is Rosary Black. They have tons of really great styles and their shop is an amazing spooking build.


  1. woooot welcome to the hellmouth sweets and ty for the sweet post!

  2. yeah i've had a love affair with Snatch too.