Monday, May 25, 2009


I decided to do my first fashion post with a theme of perfection. There are several that come to me to show me their new designs, to get opinions, praise, critiques, whatever. And I do it willingly and humbly with encouragement at the forefront cause I don't believe that tearing someone down will EVER make them better. I am certainly not the creator to give advice on perfect designs. My own are far from it. I don't piddle at seams forever, I dont examine every square pixel for flaws. I believe that something can be exquisitely esthetically beautiful or cool in spite of imperfection and often because of it.

Today I'm spotlighting a creator who I think is often overlooked and yet consistantly worn by bloggers. I don't think I've seen a feature done on this amazing tattoo artist in a very long time so this is my hat (and the rest of my clothes) off to Danel Kurosawa of Garden of Ku Tattoos. I met Danel setting up a store almost two years ago and I already had all three of his first tatts. While we set up, we talked and he sent me another one. Since that day I have been his biggest fan and a constant supporter of his work and besides being awesome at what he does, he's an exceptionally nice person and truly humble. GoK tatts in my opinion are simply the absolute best and most diverse collection you can find in SL. From religeous themed to tribal to sci-fi, his gallery is as special and impressive a body of work as I have ever seen. Tattoos on every layer in variations of wear and some with shadows and multiple versions for pale and darker skin. The prices will often make you wide eyed with shock. Most full body tattoos are under $350 L!

Some may nit & pick and say the seams arent perfect...but I dare them to try and get closer themselves on that roll over the shoulder, or the space under the arm or between the legs where they give us 8 pixels to work with. When I wear a GoK tatt, which is almost all the time...I feel like a walking work of art and it doesnt HAVE to be perfection. I know from the hundreds of IMs I've gotten asking where they came from and the thanks from new GoK junkies how "perfect" they are.

Also featured in these pics are my friend Tyr Roszenblum's new skin line from Tyranny. Well known in the Gorean Community for her very cool clothing and accessories, she's now breaking into the skin trade and mainstream SL fashion with a huge selection of make ups for a start up and a really beautifully soft base that she agonizes over every day. Talk about wanting perfection, Tyr is obsessed. So expect to see a LOT from this fabulous new skin maker and be wowed by soft lush lips, dramatic eyes and lucious bodies in the future.

All these pics were taken at the incredible S.I.C. Sims. A Japanese futuristic fantasyland with neat stuff wherever you look. Go Explore it!
Photo Details and SLurls:
1.Fairy & Dust
Skin: ::
Tyranny Designs::Slaughter House- Tone 2 Hair: [Gauze] Destroy-Wine Red
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Nomine Lament - eyes
Tattoo: Garden of Ku-Mahuika
Tentacles: [Gauze] Uke's Bane
Pose: Mamesando-Hover-Patapata

.::Tyranny Designs:: Popstar- Tone 2
Hair: Pretty Vermin Livonia (Carbontippedpurple)
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Nomine Lament - eyes
Tattoo: Garden of Ku-Aphrodisia in Luxor
Pose: **KoumB** - Lenghten - 10

.::Tyranny Designs:: Hey Red - Tone 2
Hair: Detour Flutter - Blonde Mix
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Nomine Lament - eyes
Tattoo: Sacred-Garden of Ku
Pose: Lovemotif- Anim-LookMyBack


  1. Fantastically done. You look amazing.

    It's nice to see a great endorsement of a designer you don't hear about every... damn... day.

    I've never been to GoK, but after reading this, well, I'm not going. If I bought those gorgeous tats I'd walk around nekkid all the time!

  2. First of all, GREAT blog...second of all....WOW smexy ink! I don't wear a lot of ink but I look at it longingly from afar!

  3. I loveee GoK, almost all my tats are from there. The third one you're wearing is my all time fave. Great post.

  4. I absatoootly adore my tats from GoK.
    My all time fave is Sacred. =D

  5. Awww. I love GoK! I own several pieces myself and whenever someone asks where to get a new tat I send them there. Danel is such a nice guy and very helpful if you ever have any questions.