Monday, May 25, 2009

Here We Go

Hi those of you know know me and the ones who have yet to, this is Ivey and I've been in SL for almost three years now and I'm still so enthusiastic about the medium we work in and play in and I see it's awesome potential even through tough issues and having to scale the occasional hurdle. So that being said, I'm fascinated by the relationships and complex dichotomies that make up the Second Life Fashion Community. I've seen the good, the bad, the irresponsible, ugly and the inspiring within one day of reading the fashion feeds. Plurk has even expanded on these, magnified them and rubbed them in.

My opinion on fashion is, like art, food or music that it's not what's good or what's in, it's what you LIKE. I don't think anyone has the right to dictate to me what is right for me to like and in turn I would never expect anyone to follow my trail and clone themselves after my personal taste. "Fashion" by it's own definition is fleeting, but style is all your own. We hope with this blog to cooperate, cross promote, network, show off, praise and encourage OUR favorite stuff, places and people. After all we're not just designers and creators, we are shoppers!

We don't think that promoting each other is a bad thing! It spreads good will, pumps the economy and gives a venue to those who are often overlooked by the "fashionista bloggers". I hope to show all the things I love and feature some designers that deserve the exposure and praise even if they're forgotten in the sometimes bloodthirsty pit that is the SL fashion scene.

So...welcome to those that have signed up for this very different project. I'm so proud to know such an awesome and diverse and talented group of people. Also big thanks to the man I love in SL and RL, Roblem Hogarth for this fantastic idea. All we ask is you show what you adore, help promote each other, be FLAWLESS and never berate or fault others for their likes because after all...It is a Matter of Taste.

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  1. /me sheds a tear of happiness... someone else who can use the word "dichotomy!"