Thursday, March 18, 2010


...Stop looking at me!

In this fabulous Milkmaid dress and Mosaic skin from Nomine, who could look away?

I've been a fan of Munchflower's for going on 5 years now and she continues to amaze us with her talent. Munchflower's unique style shines through in her latest line of skins, Mosaic. I popped over to Nomine for the skin and had to have the milkmaid dress as well.

Completing the look with hair from Tiny Bird that I grabbed at the Second Style Island giveway, Kookie's boots, my favorite Miel stockings and the post-it note from Awesome Blossom's Humpday this week!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Simple Kitteh

I am all about the comfort so most often if you see me you will find me running about the grid in jeans and a simple top. So I thought I would share what I would consider a typical days outfit.

This skin is slightly lighter then my old skin but it fits me much better so now I am a paler kitteh as it has become my norm. The tank is so simple but at the same time sexy and so well made you can almost feel the ribbed fabric, the jeans are some of my favorites they look worn in without being trashed, soft and comfortable fitting my every curve. I am never without my paws or ears & tail they are as much apart of me as my shape.

Simply Sanura
Click through for a larger view

So what am I wearing you ask?

Well I shall tell you because I am nice like that.

Skin - Nomine Mosaic Skin Latte - basic green
Hair - fri. - Rashelle - Startled White
Paws - Satin White Diamond from Nek~O~Licious
Tank - :::Sn@tch Thermal Tank (Lime-J)::: (In the Ozzie Thermal Tanks set)
Jeans - ::Twisted & Spoiled :: T&S Jeans Antique
Eyes - Nomine Stained Contacts - emerald & newborn (you can't really tell in this photo but I have one green and one blue eye)
Eyelashes - ***Chaisuki*** lashes22
Tattoo - Kitty Kitty by Wicked Tattoos
Ears & Tail - Tied With a Bow from *Dreams*
Keychain type hip thingy - ::Twisted & Spoiled :: Jean Jewels
Collar - Diamond Bow Buckle Collar by *Dreams*
Necklace - Lock and Key Necklace by +Cat Crap+
Lip Rings - Stary Lip Rings set by *Dreams*
Shape - is my own personal shape no you can't have it no you can't buy it