Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be gentle… it’s my First Time…

Hey everyone! I’m so honored and excited to have been invited to join the Matter of Taste team. Every day I have been watching the list of contributing designers grow and while I was gawking I realized… duh… I need to introduce myself!

My name is Azriel Ballyhoo but you can call me Azzy. I have been in SL for a year and a half and try as I might, I still haven’t seen it all. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and talent of content creators and I love that we have this environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to make and fly whatever freak flag they choose. SL embraces the spirit of my outlook on life, "Why the #!*$ not?!” Viva la weirdoes!

So a little more about me, I am half of the design team for Rara Avis. Our store has been open for almost a year now and I can hardly believe it. My design partner is none other than the adorable and talented Nineveh Teskat. I can’t miss the opportunity to share this Hallmark moment with you, Nineveh and I have been friends for over twenty years, we met in elementary school! We grew up terrorizing our mothers with our “art projects” so flash forward two decades and here we are still creating together and feeding each others crazy.

What can you expect to see from me? Hard to say, I usually surprise the hell out of myself. Last night I was a zombie, flying an umbrella on a large rotating pancake with a sexy neko and a little purple cat… pretty typical, actually… send me a NC if you want pics. ;) As for my style choices, I have eclectic tastes which you can see from my own designs. Nothing would seem more pointless to me than a hundred designers all making slight variations of the same outfit. Even though I make my own pieces and mooch copies of all of Nineveh’s work, I can’t stop shopping. I love finding unique pieces; things that make me say “I wish I had thought of that!” I have no idea where we are going my friends, but I promise I won’t steer you wrong.

That’s it, enough talking! I have shopping and designing and writing to do!

Much love,


  1. ZOMG sis your a blogger, awesome. Her and Nin are the best friends this "sexy neko" could have made. I'm so happy to see you guys going this far and..has it been almost a year already? Damn..much love and I hope to spend many more years feeding your crazy and goofy world.

  2. Yay Azzy is a blogger!! Can't wait to see what you have to show us.

  3. I'm so glad you are logging (witha B). You have an eclectic, infective sense of style and though they don't know it yet, your readers are going to be lucky to get a piece of ya! ; )

  4. Daaaaaw. You three are so cute. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. Remember your enthusiasm when I'm pumping you for leads.

  5. Okay! I finally figured out the comment Im'ma make! It's awesome that you're blogging, I can't wait to read about all the places you find or got to, you have a wicked sense of fashion and I'm excited to see what you dig up!