Thursday, June 4, 2009

Double Feature-Out of Time

***Warning---> Helena Stringer posts tend to be very snap happy, you'll just have to deal with her love of 5bagillion angles!***

Out of time, out of place.

She sniffs the air.

Prepares for attack.

Checks to the left.

She is safe for now. Time to find a way back home. She knows she is being hunted.


I tend to do my outfits around colours and themes. I never really know how things will work, it'll be a 10 minute flurry, then BAM!

This feature I decided to take one outfit, from a store I love called Deviance, and make 2 totally different looks with it. Featured here is the Fantasy Warrior outfit.

Fantasy Warrior-Part 1-Tempral Space Demoness

I'm a demon most days. Unless I'm designing, then horns just get in the way of the hair. I find recently it's getting harder to find unique horns. there are many great horns out there, but people seem to all gravitate towards the same thing, and I'm so not a Sheep. My tail, horns and eyes are all from a place called Black Heart. This store is one of those places you get so excited when you find. It's already semi established, so there is enough product to shift thru, but not really know, so you find what seems to be your own very special gem. The quality of the products are A++. I would say that most of the products are Cyber/Techy in theme. You can't beat the tail either, there are very few places I've seen anything made for scorpions.

Often times you want to properly showcase certain items, like these horns I'm wearing, so with the hair I decided against a full head of hair(which would have been very un-Helena like anyways). Allegory is a sculpted mohawk style which badass enough, without poking any ones eyes out(though you still can, if you really wanted to). Named after Allegory Malaprop, this hawk is definantly mean in green, but here I used Nickle Tipped. You can get this mohawk at the new home of The Stringer Mausoleum on Aurora Isle.*Hint--->This style will be on sale soon, as a pre-Hairfair 2009 dealie*

I matched all this stuff with a skin from Reaktor Omega. I got a tip about this place from one of my store models and the place didn't disappoint. The skins are creatively crafted and at affordable pricing, for the quality you get. The black and blue version of the snake skin was perfect for me, it got snagged right up!

Sometimes you buy something, don't have a clue what you'll ever use it for, but it's just something you must have. My inventory is filled with those. One of my most recent of these is this jewelry set from Tekeli-li. Buying the sets from this place is worth it, you often get a headpiece, necklace, bracelets, earrings and buttplug. Okay not the buttplug, but you get the idea. They are also very VERY customizable. You can change the colour of gems, colour of metals, swirliness, glowiness, buttplug action. Okay sorry you latex lovers, no buttplug action! I'm being a meanie! You'll find many quality items at this shop, such as outfits and weapons, and they all have the same customizing features, so you can make it all matchy matchy.

The shoes are a basic heel from Maitreya. When you have other things you want the focus on, it makes no sense to have things big ass blinging boots on. Plus i can use these heels as a boomerang.

Front and Back



Skin-Reaktor Omega-Snake Skin Black/Blue
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Allegory in Nickle Tipped
Eyes-Black Heart-Cyan Neko Eyes(with glowy contacts)
Lashes-Cybernetic-no longer available
Outfit-Deviance-Fantasy Warrior
Shoes-Maitreya-Subscriber Gift
Horns-Black Heart-Cyber Demon Horns II
Tail-Black Heart-Cyber Scorpio Tail

Fantasy Warrior-Part 2-Gate Keeper

She looks out on the plains.

She waits.

Time is all she has.

She wonders. What sort of life would she have had, if not that of a Gate Keeper?


It's nice when you find something in sl, that can be used so many different ways. I'll now show you the other vision I had when I first bought this Deviance outfit. A warrior by any other name would still be a warrior.

The rest of the pieces make for a completed look, the sword, cape and belt. Makes for very simple dress up, all you need to do after that is primp your hair and throw on some makeup.

Black. I'm not a fan of it in sl. With so many colours to be had, why would you wear black? so the few times that I do I of course play it up with colour. Here I chose a deep sea colour to finish the look.

Assassin is the hair I chose to top myself with. It's a very pose friendly hair, swishes slightly in the breeze. The colour I chose is called Deep, and you can get it in the new big ass home of The Stringer Mausoleum.

My skin is done by Fleur. This store I've been buying from since my sister introduced me to it. It was love at first try. I've been buying Fleur since that fateful day, and am now a Insider for their team. I get to think I'm all special and make itty bitty decisions and such! This is one of the few places I'll actually drop money, no questions asked. They have a diverse line of skins, catering to asian, drow, historic, goth and then the classic makeup line. There something for everyone here. People often comment on my love of Fleur, seeing as I'm a demon and all, but a true fashionista can take any one item, and transform it to their style no matter what it is. It's all about playing your cards right. Fleur skins mesh to my home made shape so lovingly that I could do noting but gush over the whole line.

Tuli crafted the eyes. I have a love/hate relationship with most eyes, even the ones I make myself. I love realistic, but also want that bloodshot look to them. All this no vein all white shit so does not make me a happy designer lady. Tuli brings it with all 4 of the sets she has out right now, bringing all points or realism into each colour.

Same classic shoe as above.

Front and Side



Skin-Fleur-Vivant Celeste in Almonde tone, makeup 2
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Assassin in Deep
Eyes-Tuli-Luminous Eyes in Blue
Lashes-La Sylpide-Natural Prim Lashes
Outfit-Deviance-Fantasy Warrior
Shoes-Maitreya-Subscriber Gift

So there we go, one awesome outfit, 2 awesome looks.

Special thanks to Tuli, she sent me these awesome eyes that are yet to be released. I so love when designers you follow do something a bit away from the norm. The eyes pictured below are defiantly that, and so "Otherworldly".

*H is off to cause so trouble!*


  1. thank you very much hun! We demons can be born out of glitz and glamour too!

    I'll be hopefully bringing more of that to the plate, to show you all.