Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Simple Thank You

I think most of us that have been in Second Life for, oh, say more than a day?--have become disillusioned at some point. Be it a friend or lover, someone has affected us deeply enough to say, really, do I need this?? That happened to me recently. No, I won't be dragging out the pile of laundry. I bring it up only to say..

What about the other folks? What about those that affect you deeply enough to keep you here? What about those that make a difference, whether it's a publicized grid wide difference, or whether it's something only YOU know about. That thing that may seem so small to them but brings you back off the ledge? Well, I had that happen to me today.

Two people that I know have made my day a lot brighter.

Munchflower Zauis, whom I've admired since I came to Second Life (matter of fact my very first skin came from Munch <3) released some fabulous doll skins. I drool over Munch's work quite often, and while it's very affordable, I've cut my spending in Second Life to pretty much nil due to the loss of a 1st life job and the sagging SL economy. When I saw her latest, I commented on them, possibly drenching plurk with my drool, but knowing that I couldn't afford them. I logged in a bit later to find that Munch had sent me a gift.

The dollskins excel in creativity, variety and workmanship, traits found in all of Munchflower's work.

The poses I'm using are today's other "thank you".

These poses were the work of Katey Coppola of Glitterati.
She's offering these free for the month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Taken directly from her notecard:

"We would hope that you feel as strongly as we do about this cause, and tell your friends about these poses, as well as posting your photos to the Flickr group and, if you feel comfortable, dedicate your photo -- in the description, write "In memory of..." or "In celebration of...".

These poses are FREE. I will not ask you to spend even 1L on them, but if you feel that you want to donate to the campaign, please pay the poster that looks lik
e this
or send money directly to the avatar Katey Ghost."

Thank you Katey. Thank you everyone who supports this cause.

Remember this next time you get disillusioned with people you know in ANY life--for every kick in the ass, there'll always be something just around the bend that restores your faith in people, that makes sticking around, making friends, taking risks all worthwhile.

Lastly, in keeping with the request on Katey's notecard, this post and these pictures are in memory of my Mom "Mimi" who lost her battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Thanks, Mom. And I think you'd be proud today.

skin: Munchflower Zauis
poses: Glitterati
hair: Philotic Energy (no longer available)

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  1. Oops..I lied. The hair is available at Philotic Energy on the Descolada sim!